Phot-R Professional Rectangular Folding Umbrella
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Phot-R Professional 30 x 140 cm Rectangular Folding Umbrella Strip Softbox and Honeycomb Grid with Bowens S Type Mount.This Softbox can be used for 1/2 length portraits and also widely used to light backgrounds where the length helps to avoid fall-off from top to bottom.
Silver embossed lining is highly reflective ensuring a high degree of light efficiency. Material used ensures that it does not fluoresce under UV light and is also heat-resistant allowing the use of hot lights up to 650W to be used. Softbox opens and closes like an umbrella making it more convenient to transport and quick and easy to assemble/disassemble. Includes 5cm of Velcro lining to the front, which allows compatibility with honeycomb or egg-crate grids.