Swedish Chamaleon SC4:Small
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The Swedish Chameleon SC4: SMALL Shoulder Support is a lightweight run and gun rig with a sliding (dovetail) quick release plate and curved handles.
SC4: SMALL is an entry-level support that can be easily upgraded to an SC4: MEDIUM or SC4: LARGE as your needs grow. It fits DSLRs or boxstyle videocameras and is also compatible with most cages. The SC4: SMALL can be assembled for left-hand or right-hand use.
The SC:ROD S-SHAPED 15 x 400mm CC110 consists of a lightweight, simple, foam-dressed shoulder piece. Depending on how you rotate the rod you can make vertical adjustments (chest to eye level) of as much as 22cm. You can choose to keep the rod under your arm, lean it on your shoulder, or detach it completely from the support. Having the rig resting on your shoulder instead of pressing it towards your chest reduces arm fatigue and gives you a third stabilization point that does wonders for reducing shakiness.