Aluguer Small HD Focus Bolt TX

Temos disponível para alugar Small HD Focus Bolt TX.
Com um ecrâ de 5 polegadas e touchscreen este transmissor é compatível com FOCUS Bolt RX, 703 Bolt, Bolt 500, and Sidekick II receivers.
The FOCUS Bolt TX combines the features of the diminutive SmallHD FOCUS 5" monitor with a Teradek BOLT 500m transmitter for an all-in-one on-location montior and wireless transmission solution.

SmallHD's FOCUS 5-inch Monitor has a daylight-viewable 800 nit display, which is sharp enough to achieve critical focus and bright enough to be used outdoors. The lightweight FOCUS attaches securely atop the camera via shoe mount with the included Tilt Arm. With 180 degrees of vertical rotation, the Tilt Arm allows run-and-gun shooters to make quick, smooth monitor adjustments. Included on the FOCUS’ mount is an extra shoe mount for accessories like microphones and video lights.

Valor: 80 € + IVA / dia